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14 Best Practices to Build a Perfect Ecommerce Category Page

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Ecommerce is a trillion-dollar industry at the moment with revenues touching 2.14 Trillion dollars by the year 2021. More than 50% of transactions were made electrically this year making ecommerce the best business strategy for the future. The success of companies like Amazon is attracting more and more entrepreneurs and well-established business towards ecommerce. That is why it is getting very difficult for ecommerce vendors to have stable conversions. 

Website design and functionality play a very vital role in this matter. To stand out your website landing pages especially your category page must be optimized if you want high sales and conversions. Here are some of the suggestions that will help you design the best ecommerce category pages to help you with your conversions.

Navigation and CTA

Clear navigation in ecommerce category page design is very important for conversion rates. When a customer lands on your category page navigation bar most probably will be the first thing he will gaze upon. Make your categories tabs on your navigation bar visible and clickable. Don’t crowd the navigation bar categorize products in parent and derived categories. You don’t need to add all the categories in the navigation bar only the parent categories that are named properly are enough. Add a constantly available search bar to help customers find what they are looking for. If they can find it easily the chances of them buying the product will shine brighter. To make customer’s experience even better use a smart search bar powered by AI.

Call-to-action is very important as it is really where a conversion. CTA should be clear and easy to click. These are the buttons on your website that you want the customers to click so making them as visible and stand as possible is in the best interest of your website. 

Optimize your category page for SEO

If you think that you can increase conversions without SEO, think again. Optimizing your category page for SEO is as important for sales and conversion as fuel for the fire. When doing on-page SEO make sure to optimize permalinks, add keywords in your page title, page description, image alt, filename, in heading tags. Optimizing your category page for SEO is a very integral part of your conversion funnel. Building contextually relevant and high-quality links are the best way to improve your category page search rankings and drive more customers to your website. 

Good Visualization

Visualization is what attracts and lures a customer in making a purchase. Professional and attractive product photography is what induces impulsive buying in customers. Good images depicting human emotions is very vital for conversion rate. So, add multiple high-quality images of the same product from different angles that can be zoomed for a better experience.   Moreover, adding videos about your products will increase the stay of visitors on your website. The more time a customer spends on your website higher are the chances of him making a purchase. 

A/B Testing

Testing your website for broken links and page speed is very important. If there is a broken link in your website it will not give a good impression of your business. More than 90% of customers will never return to a website if they had a bad experience with it. So it is best to test your category pages before making them live on the internet.

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