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Best Practices to Build a Perfect Ecommerce Homepage

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Ecommerce has become a multi-trillion dollar industry with sales expected to reach $4 trillion in the year 2021. Ecommerce has become such a global success because it offers a lot of benefits and advantages over traditional business models like ease of access, global market, easy scalability, and a bundle of payment and shipping options. But ecommerce comes with some drawbacks as well. Like you can’t engage with the customer physically that gives you a lot of time and flexibility to convince them to make a purchase. That is why it is very important to have a robust website with a stunning design that conveys a clear Call To Action (CTA). I cannot emphasize enough that a customer will not buy anything from you if he finds it difficult to navigate his way around the website. 

If we say that the homepage of any ecommerce is like the prime time slot at a TV channel, it won’t be a wrong statement. Every product and service would prefer to be there but only the best get a chance to fill that slot. The homepage of an ecommerce site is the first touch point of the brand with the customer. It is the page where most of the customers land when they search something on the search engine. So, this is the place where you can convince and lure a customer to make a purchase. This is the reason why your homepage must be designed with great cautious and with an approach to provide a frictionless experience to the customer. One thing that every ecommerce business owner must keep in mind is that the first impression matter a lot. 

The conversion rate of ecommerce websites is around 2-3%. Moreover, if the customer lands on the homepage and bounces back it will affect your website’s ranking very drastically. Google takes the bounce rate very seriously. Studies have shown that over 20% of the human brain is solely devoted to vision. This means that it is in every ecommerce vendor’s benefits to pay some extra attention to the design of the website.  Hense, if you want to have any kind of conversion on your ecommerce your homepage must have a simple yet attractive homepage that conveys a clear CTA. That is the reason why people pay extra atention to the design of homepage when designing a customer website of renting a store from famous platforms. There is a very strong possibility that the platfrom you are currently on does not provide what you want from the design of your website.  The best approach at this moment is migrate from your current ecommece platform to a better one. Moving data from one platform to another is a very hectic task that is why there are professional ecommerce website agencies that offer professional shopping cart migration services. So never compromise on the design and fuctionality of your homepage.

If you are having trouble to what to add in your homepage here are some suggestions for your homepage to make your business successful. 

Responsive Design

This goes without saying that ecommerce website must be responsive. This is no longer a choice for the ecommerce vendor to have a responsive website design because Google is ranking the websites on the base of their ability to be mobile-friendly. So, if you want to stay in the game your ecommerce website must be responsive.

Visible Search Panel

In ecommerce business, most of the products are on the product page only the best products are visible on the homepage. So if you want the customers to find your products and help them move around the website there has to be a visible search panel available on every page, especially on the homepage. Don’t make the customer scroll if he is at the end of the page. Make sure that the customer has easy access to the search bar. For additional results use smart search powered by AI. Smart search provides auto-fill and suggestions for the customer based on their previous shopping history and preferences. Remember if customers can’t find what they want they won’t buy it.   

Simple Navigation Bar

This is one of the main features of the ecommerce website. This is probably the first place where a customer looks when he lands on the homepage. Navigation bar consists of the links to other important pages of the ecommerce website like About Us, Contact, Category, Products page, etc. 

Clustering is probably the worst thing that can happen to any ecommerce website. That is why products are separated in categories and distributed over different pages. The links of these pages must be available on the navigation bar. The navigation bar must be clear and easy to access. The navigation bar must be available to the customer regardless of where he is on the page. 

Products And Content

One of the many benefits of the ecommerce website is that it gives the vendors the ability to add their best selling and famous products on the homepage. Making it easy to be visible to customers. This strategy can be very helpful in making some extra sales by recommending extra products with your best selling products. 

Add proper and consice description of the products and don’t make it long as people don’t have enoigh time to read lengthy descriptions. As homepage is where people will land so it is appropriate to add information about your company and your team. Tell people about your experties. 


Although ecommerce is growing rapidly but still people have trust issues when shooping online. Testimonials and reviews from customers help establishing that trust. People will feel safe if they see others had a very pleasent experience. Moreover, testimonials are badges of success and in ecommerce it is best to flaunt your success to attract more and more customers. Homepage is the best page to display your top customers and their testimonials and reviews. 


Footer is important because it contains the neccessary links of your website. It is a good place to add security badges because footer will be visible on all pages of the website. Displaying your security badges encourage customers to give your credential information without a doubt and insecurity. 

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