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Say Good Bye to Your Old Glasses and Switch to Contact Lenses

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Life is unfair. Some people are born with abilities and some with disabilities. One of the major problems among these disabilities and lackings is the vision problem. Some people are born without the great blessing of vision while others are born with or end up having vision problems that can be corrected with some vision correction device like eyeglasses or contact lenses. Eyeglasses or spectacles are the goto choice of people for vision correction. Although they are great, you can not ignore the drawbacks and the shortcomings that come with them. Contact lenses, on the other hand, are a better and smart choice as they overcome the shortcomings of eyeglasses. If you already wear contact lenses you might not need to read this but if you are making a choice to switch from glasses to contacts or starting your journey with them this article will help you immensely. 

Let’s start the list of benefits with the fact that how convenient it is to buy contact lenses. You can easily buy contact lenses online as well as from your doctors. There are websites and online stores that sell contact lenses even without a doctor’s prescription something not mostly common with spectacles. 

If you are an athletic and active person especially if you are associated with an active sport you must be aware of the drawbacks of old bulky eyeglasses. They fall down and sometimes break whenever you do something athletic. Another issue with them is that they don’t offer a holistic view due to their frames. You can avoid both of these problems with contact lenses as they are placed directly on the cornea eradicating the frame issue from the root. They offer a more clear and wider frame of view. With contact lenses, you don’t have to worry about them coming out of your eyes felling down or breaking. Many professional athletes use contact lenses and they are very satisfied with their choice. 

During the winter days, you are constantly struck with fog on your eyeglass lenses whenever you move in or out from a warm space. Then there is rain and moisture dirt and scratches, all of these aspects and many more obstruct your clear vision and can be a real issue in some situations. Fortunately, with contact lenses, you don’t have to deal with moisture, scratches, and rain. You can enjoy a clear vision with contact lenses. 

Some people feel uncomfortable wearing eyeglasses as it doesn’t go with their style. Then there are some especially women that are not happy with the color of their eyes or want their eyes to look like some novelty character or a celebrity. All of these things are easily available with contact lenses. Contact lenses reside on your cornea making them invisible if you want. Moreover, they come in a huge number of varieties from hard glass permissible contact lenses to soft hydrogels. There is a huge collection of colored contact lenses and circle lenses. The best-colored contact lenses are those that touch your heart. You can be anyone with these contact lenses a royal princess or an ugly org, a warrior or an elf, a wizard or a warlord, an animated character or game avatar, you name it, anything you want is available online. 

All of these contact lenses Plano doctor’s prescribed or colored contact lenses or circle contact lenses all are equally safe to wear. All you need is a good choice made with the consultation of a doctor and proper healthy hygiene like washing your hands before putting in and out contact lenses to have a clear vision. Chao!

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