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3 Types of Social Proof to Grow Your Ecommerce Sales

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In the modern age, people are working and socializing with each other at the same time. That is something that was not possible before the introduction of the world to social media. It started at a platform for people to socialize and share their thoughts with the world. The power of social media can be seen by the fact that there are over 3.2 billion active social media 8userws across different platforms. That is roughly 42% of the world population and these numbers are rising rapidly. These users averagely spend 2.22 hours on social media every day. 

But social media is not just a mean of socializing anymore. The introduction of social media to business, especially to ecommerce, has changed the world of business entirely. It has become a factor of success for a business.54% of social media users use social media to search for a product that is the reason why 73% of marketers believe that social media is vital for the success of a business. 

What do all of these statistics tell us??

Simple, that if you want to have a successful business with a constantly growing ecommerce business, you can’t do it without the use of social media. 

“Social proof” the term was first popularized by Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence”. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.

There are several types of social proofs from customer-generated content to certifications that help vendors to grow their sales. They help customers reach vendors and vendors reach ecommerce agencies that professional development, ecommerce maintenance services, SEO services, and much other expertise to help the vendors in providing a world-class experience to their customers.

User-generated content is probably the most common and most important of social proofs. 91% of people trust the reviews and testimonials just as much as they consider the world of a family member or friend. Case studies of how your product or service helped them achieve what they were looking for solved their problem is a great driver of sales for your ecommerce business. 

Influencers a great way to drive customer traffic and conversion to your website. You must be thinking that asking a celebrity to post about your products or give a positive review about your products or services might disturb your finances. The good news is that customers prefer internet influencers over celebrity reviews because of the authenticity of the review. So hiring them is cost-efficient and mover effective technique.

Another social proof is by displaying how many people bought your product. This will lure more customers to making a purchase when they see that a lot of people are buying this product. 

Certifications are the medals of success and credibility. They encourage people to perform a conversion without thinking much about it. This will increase their trust in the brand and increase their chances of making purchases in the future.

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