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Beginners Guide To Start Ecommerce Site In 2021

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The modern era belongs to the internet. The Internet has become a vital part of our lifestyle and modern day living. Nobody can imagine what could happen if the internet goes off for just a day. The internet has provided us many facilities. One such perk of the internet is ecommerce and ecommerce services.

E-commerce is the modern way of doing business. The E-commerce industry is growing day by day and it is expected to go even further. Many people are taking advantage of this new trend, and taking their business online to defy physical barriers and explore new potentials. A lot of people find it way easier to look for their desired products on the internet and get it delivered on provided addresses instead of going to malls to buy the item they are looking for. E-commerce enables them to save a lot of time and energy which can be used in any other important work. 

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you should initiate your startup through E-commerce. It is just like a simple traditional business but with different challenges.  If you offer a quality-based and cost-effective product, you would definitely be the first choice for plenty of people from all over the world.  In this article, we would go through some basic steps for starting an E-commerce site in 2021 and further. We will also discuss some problems you may have to face in the earlier days of your E-commerce business.

We will also elaborate below enlisted factors in starting your E-commerce site:

Product To Sell:

This is one important thing to consider before initiating any online business; you have to specify a product or similar set of products which fall under a special category for sale. You should offer a product or service you think you have a passion for, and you can control the loopholes related to that specific product. Either it is a physical product or a digital product (maybe a service) you have to focus on a specific product instead of offering versatility. The reason behind this is generally people like to buy the products from a merchant who is a specialist in a specific category instead of a general vendor, additionally, you may face problems while marketing your business. While initiating E-commerce, remember the phrase “start small, dream big”.

Getting The Product:

You will need vendors for a constant supply of product you are going to put up for sale. Try to find the vendors or merchants who can provide you quality products with efficient price in a given span of time. You may find some offline merchants for the purpose too. There is basically no rule or specification about online or offline merchants. If the product is better, there is no problem in obtaining it from local or offline merchants. Generally, many E-commerce merchants prefer to buy from other online merchants because they find it easier. After choosing the provider you should also specify an efficient and cost-effective delivery line or transportation method for delivery of products to your storage or warehouse.

Knowing The Competition:

Before you put your products up for sale, try to get know-how about your competition. Do some research about your competitors. Try to get an idea about their way of selling products, their specialty and price tags they have put up for their products and make notes about it. Now make a plan about how can you compete with them, and how can you put your products with a little less price without compromising on quality and gross margin. This little research will make you aware of your competition and assist you in staying one step ahead of your competition.

Choosing The Name:

The name of your business is an important factor in gathering an audience and possibly customers of your business. Try to think about an ideal name which is unique and reflects your business at the same time. Now try to get a matching domain name for your website. If it is not somehow available, go for a similar fashioned name. For example, for den’s pizza, if denspizza.com is no available try to get a domain like pizzabyden.com etc. 

Getting The Logo For Your Business: 

The Logo for your business would be the front face of your business and products. Try to get it designed in such a way that it looks unique in appearance yet reflects the accent of your business visually. The logo should be appealing in such a way to urge people to at least the visit your website once.

Planning The Business:

You have to create a roadmap for your business. Panning includes all the important things you would need to run a successful business, like staff, accounting, effective delivery system, tracking consignments, and customer delivery system. You have to think about all the possible scenarios you would go through during the initial phase and in near future. Planning also includes the addition of new products in your business after constant time phases to keep old customers interested and make new customers with new offerings.

Creating Website:

One more challenging factor which needs your attention and appropriate investment is the creation of an E-commerce website for your online business. This website reflects the first impact on people who are visiting for the first time. If the website is not efficient, functional and visually impressive it may become a drawback for your business.

Bringing up your website live in mere minutes is not an issue anymore, there are multiple E-commerce platforms existing to provide support for new E-commerce websites like Bigcommerce, Shopify, Woocommerce,   and Opencart, etc. A question that arises in everyone’s mind is, “which one is better and how?” In recent times Bigcommerce has made a name of itself, many leading brands have also redesigned their websites with Bigcommerce.

Reasons for Bigcommerce being famous are impressive functionalities, stunning layout, efficient working, website security and friendly services offered by Bigcommerce. You can set up your website with the help of Bigcommerce in a few minutes if you have images, content, and logo ready for your website.

You just have to create an account on BigCommerce website and there you go, it provides you with a dashboard loaded with 100+  templates. Bigcommerce also provides you with 15 days of free trial without asking about credit or debit card. The whole process of creating a website with Bigcommerce is so easy that you may find it unreal. Bigcommerce is comparatively a new, famous and rising sensation amongst multiple E-commerce platforms and you would know why. The only thing you need to do is to give the Bigcommerce website a visit.

Marketing Your Business:

To provide a push to your new startup you have to give some effort and investment in marketing of your business and website. An effective way these days, is marketing on social media, social media is being used by millions of people around the world and you can gather plenty of customers for your business using social media marketing.

People get inspiration from highlighted stuff on social media and follow it. There are many social media platforms available for marketing like Facebook and Youtube. Another effective famous social media platform for marketing is Instagram. You can gather a lot of customers using this effective marketing tool. Advanced marketing includes Search engine optimization and email marketing which are also very helpful in effective marketing and gathering the attention of various people to your business.

These were some important factors to look for if you are planning to start a new E-commerce website in 2021. We tried to elaborate on each of them with details. We are hopeful that this information will motivate and help you in starting up your online business. Best of Luck!

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