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Best Ways To Find Niche Products And Start Selling In 2021

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Have you finally decided to be a part of the fastest-growing industry in the world i.e. ecommerce? Ecommerce looks attractive and easy to start but like every business, it requires thorough research and detailed planning. The question that pops in mind when we start planning about business is 

“what to sell?”

The majority of ecommerce endeavors that end up in a bin are the result of the wrong answer to the above-mentioned question. Suppose you decide to start an ecommerce business, decide to rent a store at Shopify or BigCommerce, hire a Shopify developer or BigCommerce developer, acquire a stunning ecommerce website, but all of this will be in vain if you decide to sell the wrong product. That is why the most important decision is to know what to sell. 

There are two kinds of products generally commoditized products and niche products. 

Commoditized products can be seen are everywhere around us. Every product that we buy from online stores or superstores and marts for our daily use are commoditized products. These products are always in demand and people are always buying these products, so, they make the majority of sales. The competition in commoditized products is very high.

The second type of product is niche products. This type works on the principle of “Necessity is the mother of invention”. They are for special needs and for targeted people. These products are in scarce quantity. They are used by people for special purposes. If we talk about competition in niche products it is usually very small as most of the products are one of kind. 

The question that must be eating your brain by now is how can we know what to sell? We have diagnosed the problem now is the time to find a cure for it. 

Research the market:

The first step in deciding what to sell is to put the market under a microscopic view. Look very closely at where the market is going instead of determining where it is now. The best way is to look for trends that are on the rise. Google trends is a very good place to start your research. Look for something that you think is missing and can be of great importance to people once introduced and try to fill that void in the market.

Solve Problems:

The fastest way to achieve loyalty or earn the trust of the customers is by solving a problem they can’t seem to get a hold of. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and then observe what could make your life more easy. What is could help you remove glitches from your giddyup? The answer is not supposed to be a new service or product, it could be an upgraded version of an exiting product. Look for what is something that your competitors can’t offer. It could even be a new way of marketing your old product that competitors are unaware of. 

Let’s take the example of Uber, the cab sharing app. There were many online booking taxi apps in the market but they came with a new approach as they introduced the words “cab sharing” meaning that you are on your way and you can take people with you on your way. But people are using this app full time. 

Passion is the new fashion:

Passion has always been driving people to do things they end up regretting but they don’t feel bad. Try to find what people are most passionate about, something they would not regret. Being passionate about something helps people get through difficult situations. For example, if you are not passionate about ecommerce it would be like tiring labor for you. If you offer people what they love and are enthusiastic about, you will be amazed by the results. 

Another successful idea is to target the weakness and vices of people and offer them something they might feel guilty about like ice cream for obese people. People spend ridiculously on their cheat day when they are dieting. 

Final Words:

The decision of what to sell includes a lot of matrices. The best way you can make a decision about what to sell is by putting yourself in the place of customers and then deciding what would make your life more comfortable. 

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