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Mind-Body Connection- Live your Best Life

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Our mind, body and soul are all interlaced very intricately, with each one impacting both positively and negatively on all the others. Until recently, the understanding and the power of the impact was not fully discovered by the scientists. But now that the connection has been seen on its full potential it’s something mind-blowing and game-changing for the health sector.

The feeling, thoughts, emotions and beliefs generated by our brain can have an optimal or worst effect on our body. On the other hand, good physical health, balanced diet, exercise and healthy habits can nurture the mind.

Our brain, nervous system, emotional health, digestive system, endocrine system, immune system and all the other major organs share a common transcript of chemical language. Each and every part of the body interacts, communicates and affects each other both positively and adversely.

A very good example of this connection can be chronic pain, which leads to depression and anxiety disorder, if chronic pain treatment is not taken or delayed. When a person feels any emotion strongly, say nervousness for an interview or excitement for holiday, that person loses their appetite, feels butterflies in their stomach or a weird churning sensation that can end up with nausea or heartburn. Thus clearly proving how strongly our emotions and feelings control our physical health.

Upon discovering this amazing connection between the mind and body, the doctors, scientists and researchers have now begun to use it mindfully to manipulate for better health and emotional state.

Medical conditions like chronic pain management can be done with a different yet solid approach due this comprehensive knowledge about caring for the mind, body and soul. In this article, we will discuss the science behind the connection, how one can improve the mind-body connection to lead a better life and how each one can affect each other.

The Science behind the Mind-Body Connection

Our brain is the supercomputer or the command center of our body, it works in mind baffling ways, is super complex and absolutely remarkable. But having said that, it is still fully integrated with our body and has to work alongside it to run a healthy, happy body.

After years of scientific research, studies and investigations, it has been concluded that our hormones and neurotransmitters which are the chemical messengers of our body have strong physical effects. In both positive and negative situations, these chemical transmitters can increase our blood pressure, alter our sleep patterns, and make us lose our appetite or even increase our heart rate.

When a person is anxious or excited our body releases hormones known as cortisol and adrenaline. They help us cope up with the situation by stimulating us and giving us an adrenaline rush to get out of any dangerous or thrilling status quo.

But sometimes the body releases these hormones too quickly and too frequently, sometimes even when there isn’t any dangerous situation to escape from, resulting in a negative effect on the digestive and immune system, also slowing the healing process.

The thinking pattern or mental, emotional state can also take a toll on the physical health of a person. A positive attitude makes a person healthy, happy and full of life, whereas a negative state of mind can lower the confidence level and further aggravate health problems like heartburn, diabetes, headaches, chronic pain and blood pressure.

Ways to Improve the Mind-Body Connection

Mind-body therapies and connection building can result in a better life. These therapies promote relaxation, mindfulness and soothing. So incorporating these therapies will lead to a better, more stable life with a better state of mind and body.

There are several effective and well known therapies that can give a kick start to your journey of building a robust mind body connection.

1. Meditation and Mindfulness

Mediation and mindfulness are well known to be quite effective in calming and soothing the mind. Allowing the body and mind to come in a comfortable and peaceful state aids relieving stress, calming the nerves, balancing the hormones and bringing the body and mind in a refreshing state.

Meditation also helps in chronic pain management, reduction of pain, decreasing anxiety and depression, slowing menopausal symptoms, regulating blood sugar levels, stabilizing the heart rate and managing the sleep quality.

2. Exercise and Cardio

As we are building the mind and body connection, we strongly need to ensure that our body is at work as well. Having a sedentary lifestyle won’t help in building a strong mind-body connection.

Physical activity helps in reducing stress, lower the cortisol levels, allows better flow of blood, regulates the blood sugar levels, alleviates anxiety disorders and is also a great chronic pain treatment. If you’re not into the boring gym sessions, then go out for a jog around the block, swim a couple of laps or just do free dance.

3. Take a Break

Taking a break between work hours is also a great way to ease stress and move around to get that blood flowing and stimulating the oxygen levels. Take a walk around your cubicle, talk to friends, and go take a bathroom break or just grab a quick snack.

All this will rejuvenate you and won’t stress your mind or body.  Make sure your work equipment is ergonomic so that things like chronic pains won’t develop.

4. Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is a crucial component of developing the mind-body connection.  Ensure that your diet is balanced and isn’t dependent much on one kind of nutrient. Healthy eating means a healthy weight, which will keep you light, refreshed, active and full of life.

Our food contains many minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that our mind needs like zinc, magnesium, folic acid, omega 3 and others which can be obtained from the food easily.

5. Have a good 8-hour Sleep

Having an 8 hour sleep routine can do wonders for your mind-body connection. Make sure that you sleep on time and wake up on time. Limit your screen usage so that the mind and eyes are relaxed before sleeping.

Ending Lines

The world that we live in today is super unforgiving and pushes each one of us to our limits. Having strong nerves and a robust mind-body relation can help you navigate through various ups and downs of life.

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