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There have been numerous debates on the issue that what is the most important aspect of SEO and the answer that keeps coming up with high votes is content. Then some marketers claimed that content is more important than SEO. But in reality, ecommerce SEO services providers ensure that they are not interchangeable entities. Content and SEO go side by side and work together to create a beneficial online business. Creative and relevant content feeds a productive and effective SEO strategy. It incites an SEO strategy that boosts relative traffic to the website resulting in high conversions and ROI. 

Now let’s put some extra light on why is content important for a successful SEO scheme. 

Use of keywords for high ranking:

Keywords are the pointers for search engines to help them point the user to the appropriate information against that keyword. What is the information in this context? It is the content generated in accordance with the keyword to answer the questions of the user. The days of stuffing keywords are gone the new algorithms of search engines, Google is the most used, have changed greatly. They are no longer searching for the content with the respective keyword, they are looking for the best content against the keyword put in the search bar. If your keywords don’t rank, your website won’t rank, and I don’t need to tell you if what would happen if your website is not ranked. It’s a domino effect starting with keywords ending at ROI. 

Essential for social validation:

Unfortunately, we are all in a race to gain better social validation and our online businesses are no different in any regard. If you are delivering the answers to a user’s questions in an appropriate and holistic way he will definitely find it compelling to share it with his friends and fellows by sharing your link. Google takes this link sharing with high regard when ranking your website. Moreover, you want good marketers and high authority websites to validate your content by posting it on their website, now you can either achieve that through money which can be expensive or with good content. 

Must for backlinks and onsite optimization:

SEO is basically two-fold, on-site and off-site. Neither can operate successfully without content. Your website must be SEO optimized for high ranking in SERPs, a line we have heard infinitely in recent times. How can you optimize with your landing page without targeted content revolving around targeted keywords? Your content on your website is very important for your ranking and to navigate a visitor to make a conversion. A visitor lands on your website due to content and makes a conversion due to your compelling content as well. 

Backlinks are pointers for your website. They are one of the most important factors in ranking your website and they are only possible with high quality and relevant content. Hig authority websites generate high authority links and they only accept quality content fro their website as they want to maintain their high reputation.

I hope that all of these answers the question that “Why Content Is Important For SEO?”

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