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What if I ask you to impress me in 5 seconds or an even more difficult task make me buy something from you in 5 seconds? 

Sounds difficult right? Because it is a hard nut to crack. 

That is what an ecommerce vendor faces every time a visitor lands on their website. There are many factors that play into making a customer purchase. Ecommerce was introduced as a modern way of shopping for modern tech-savvy generation. They want to be able to buy anything anytime anywhere without any glitch. That is the reason behind the unimaginable success of ecommerce. The design of an ecommerce website plays a major role in convincing a customer to make a conversion. According to research, 75% of online shoppers determine a company’s credibility depending on their website design. 

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The wave of change is consistent and to meet these needs new technologies have been introduced at the same pace as the change. Leading ecommerce platforms like Shopify offer new and advanced features to help their vendors meet the needs of their customers. Ecommerce vendors hire Shopify web designers to help them design a website that looks good and works frictionlessly. If you are new to ecommerce or already in the business and want to improve your ROI here are some tips and tricks to optimize your website for high revenue.

Speed is everything:

Speed is everything in the modern world. If you are not fast enough some else will take your place whether it is a race or an ecommerce website. Modern customers are performing multiple tasks at a time. They don’t have time to go out and visit stores personally so they go online and open multiple ecommerce websites. Now your website is in a race if your website loads slower they will move to the next option period!

The recommended load time of a website according to Google is less than 3 seconds. 53% of online buyers will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, if your website is taking more time than that it not only repels your customers but the website ranking deteriorates as well. That is why Shopify developers focus on a website design that loads faster. The design of your website is useless if it takes a long time to load as people will bounce back before your website loads properly.  

Clear CTA and Navigation:

Once a customer lands on your website and your website loads quickly now the next step is for him to navigate around the website and make a conversion most preferable one is a purchase. Customers must be able to access anything on your website without any glitch. To avoid any hurdle in a customer’s journey across your website it is important that your ecommerce website has a clear CTA and a simple and easy to follow navigation. Call-to-action buttons take the customer to the next step where you want them to be. 

Optimize your content:

Website content is the fuel for SEO as well as a salesman for your website because it communicates with the customer on behalf of the brand. But the same fuel can burn your business to the ground. Optimizing your website content is very important for your website speed and overall brand image. Shopify experts always recommend using optimized images, CSS files, videos, etc. to avoid slow speed. Ambiguity is a serious sin as far as an ecommerce vendor is concerned. Your content must be simple, understanding and relevant.

Less is more in content. Long descriptions and unnecessary images and animations can cause serious damage to your ROI. Every modern website must have a landing page for blogs. Use creative and unique content on your website. Adding blogs other than what you are selling that help them in solving their daily life problems can be a great source to create a relationship with customers. FAQs are also an important part of website content. To add appropriate FAQs market research is inevitable. No website is complete without testimonials and reviews as UGC is one of the major drivers of ecommerce website traffic. 

Socialize with your customers:

The world has become a global village, we have been listening to this for a very long time but this phrase was brought to reality in real sense by the advent of social media. Social media the most important channel of marketing in the world because almost everyone is on social media. Facebook is the most popular social media channel with more than 1 billion users. That is why no business can survive without using social media. Put your social media follow links on your website. This will help your customers know when you are going to launch a new campaign. 

Mobile compatible:

Mobile compatibility for every website whether ecommerce or not is inevitable. It is no longer an extra feature to stand you out from the rest it has become a non-replaceable feature for websites. If your website is not mobile-friendly and responsive it will not only repulse customers but it is very bad for your website’s ranking. Google is dropping the rank of websites that are not responsive the reason is that the majority of people use their smartphones for almost every task from scrolling on social media to buying a car. 

Constant testing:

Ecommerce websites are like a living breathing entity. They are not something you make and forget. Ecommerce websites require constant care and maintenance. Testing websites help ecommerce vendors determine where their customers are having trouble. Once you know where you are having trouble it is only a matter of minutes for an ecommerce expert to find out a suitable solution. Regular testing is important to find out broken links on your website to help provide a frictionless ecommerce experience to your customers. 

Final Thoughts:

Designing a website that produces positive results is very important. You can never be sure about anything unless you try it. Take risks and be bold in designing your website. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and be flexible. 

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