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Finding Child-Safe Replacement Windows

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For some, Windows replacement is a simple task, but for others, it is critical. Why is this the case? There are several factors to consider, which might be overwhelming for some people, especially if they are critical or have pets and children. Finding the proper business and selecting suitable materials are the two most important things to consider when selecting windows for your children or a playroom. Do not be concerned; we will assist you in locating the best window that is safe for your children. 

By far the most common home mishap for children is a fall. Children play, and they aren’t yet aware of the dangers that life poses to us all. If a youngster falls through a second-story window, the outcome is not the same as if an adult did. And it’s clear that, far too often, screens simply provide mosquito protection.

Great Day Improvements’ Stanek Windows encourages you to love your windows rather than fear them. For this reason, we’ve compiled this useful set of hints.

Window size

When it comes to building standards, the windows in the rooms must fulfill specified size and operating criteria. This is due to the fact that egress windows must serve as a means of escape in the event of an emergency. That is why there can’t be pictures or little windows within a child. Even if tiny windows might be safe, you must have an operational window of a particular size.

In the event of an emergency, egress windows in bedrooms must function as an escape path. This implies that these windows must fulfill specific height, breadth, and positioning standards in order to be declared code compliant. Unfortunately, if adequate precautions are not taken, these windows may be harmful to youngsters. Certain window designs are more suited to youngsters. Sliding windows, casement windows, and single-hung or double-hung windows are some of the most popular alternatives.

Placing the Window

You may wish to put the windows higher than the wall in a child’s room or playground. You should also avoid putting too much furniture or toys under the windows. As a result, children are less likely to climb up and get access. Consider the size of the window as well as how you want to arrange the furnishings in the room or playground. This will assist you in determining the best window placement.

Safe Ventilation

Ventilation is critical, particularly in places where youngsters will be spending a lot of time. Even with screens, leaving a window open isn’t always a good idea. Double-hung windows are an excellent choice. They let you to leave the top half of the window open while keeping the bottom closed and protected. Windows with multi-point locking mechanisms are another alternative. This lets you to open the window just a few inches and lock it in place, preventing a kid from climbing through or falling out.

Window Glazing

Glazing choices are crucial safety elements as well. A polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer is used in impact-resistant windows. This not only strengthens the glass, but it also helps hold it in place if it does break. Tempered glass is another alternative for glazing. It also increases the strength of glass. Tempered glass will also break into smaller, less dangerous pieces rather than huge, lethal shards. Combining these technologies on replacement windows will provide you with an additional level of protection and security.

Window Coating

Manufacturers can also add unique coatings on window glass. A unique coating on low emissivity windows reflects undesired heat gains. It works by shielding the sun’s radiant heat and dangerous UV rays. That is simply one more safeguard to consider when installing child-safe windows.

How the windows operate 

Of course, windows must be able to perform their functions while remaining safe for your children. This means that they must be able to open and close as needed. Awning windows, sliding windows, single-hung windows, casement windows, and double-hung windows are just a few of the possibilities available. Each type of window operates differently, so speak with your firm first before deciding which one to install. It is critical that you explain to them your requirements and desires so that they can propose a suitable one for you.

Locks of the windows 

Latches/locks come in a variety of styles and can be found on the moveable panes of each window. Other windows, on the other hand, may feature more than just the conventional locks and locking system. All you have to do is consult professionals and/or conduct research to determine which locking system is best for you. A solid locking system will help to secure the safety of your children even more.

Secure Blind Cords

If you have blinds with long cords, you must secure them. Small plastic fragments in blind cables can create choking risks, not to mention the potential of entanglement from the cords themselves. Blind cord wraps, which connect to the wall next to your window and prevent your child from reaching the cables, are available online and at home improvement stores.

Install Window Guards

If you enjoy opening your windows for fresh air, bear in mind that window screens are meant to keep pests away. They are insufficient to keep a youngster from slipping through. This is when window guards come into play. Window guards are bars that are put over the tops of your windows to keep your youngster from falling through. They may not be the most aesthetically attractive choice, but they are one of the most effective methods of securing your windows.

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