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Get to know the benefits of outdoor play for the kids

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We all know that children need to play in order to grow and learn. But, with so many distractions and objects vying for their attention nowadays, unstructured and imaginative play is more vital than ever. Children who play outside on a daily basis are more likely to be physically, socially, and intellectually robust than their sedentary counterparts. According to studies, the more time children spend playing and interacting with their surroundings, the more likely they are to develop a stronger connection to nature.

The advantages of outdoor play are well documented. When children play outside, they gain physical movement and fresh air, they may engage in imaginative play, and they can learn about the world around them. However, it is not only tiny children that benefit from spending time outside. More parents and educators have come to understand the value of recess for older kids in recent years.

The advantages of outdoor play are numerous, and we should all endeavour to encourage it rather than discourage it. We’ve compiled a list of the nine different advantages below to assist you understand why your child should spend more time outside.

The health benefits

Outdoor learning has also been proved to be beneficial to one’s health. Children require regular exercise that requires their hearts and lungs to work hard but not so hard that they get fatigued. Children under the age of five, according to NHS guidelines, require three hours of activity every day, including bone-strengthening, muscle-building, and cardiovascular activities. At Into The Woods, we make certain that these requirements are satisfied on a daily basis by engaging in activities like running, climbing, digging, and swinging from trees.

Sport may also help a child’s emotional well-being by allowing for relaxation, tranquilly, and a general sense of well-being. There is no question that exercise is an important component of children’s physical and emotional development, and it is one of the many advantages of choosing an outdoor nursery for your kid.

Hones social skills

While playing outside, children mingle and are exposed to different settings, which motivates them to progress. Taking turns on the swing, for example, might help a kid learn to cooperate in a group or play safely. Their social skills grow as they learn to watch out for one another and treat others with compassion and respect. It’s also a fantastic way for kids to try new things and make new friends by meeting other kids at a nearby park or play area.

Children who play outside, rather than being addicted to a computer and spending all of their time indoors, are frequently able to communicate more successfully. Some are forced to come out of their shells, make new acquaintances, or approach various youngsters in order to improve their social and communication skills.


Children are happier and calmer as a result of being able to play outside. Children that spend time outside have a more optimistic view on life, in addition to obtaining vitamin D from the sun. Playing outside also helps youngsters burn off excess energy, which is especially beneficial if they are fidgety when sitting for lengthy periods of time. This relaxes them and makes them more focused in class.


Due to the huge amount of area available, children are frequently far from adult supervision when playing outside. They learn to play independently while mingling with other youngsters. As a result, children learn to be autonomous and self-sufficient by learning to take turns while playing games and to pick themselves up when they fall.

Awakens curiosity and develops creativity 

Young children are captivated by even the slightest of objects, and they may find inspiration in the most insignificant of places. Spending time outside, whether it’s playing in the sand in the playground under adult supervision or running about with friends on the school grounds, promotes creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Children are able to be more creative and inventive as a consequence of the broad areas and absence of limitations. Why? Because a youngster is more interested in his or her immediate surroundings. They not only notice things faster, but they also learn faster since their minds are more open to a wide range of knowledge than other people’s.


Outdoor playground equipment is frequently more hazardous than inclusive playground equipment. Outdoor play equipment can assist youngsters learn to test their boundaries and identify risks. Aside from that, it teaches kids to attempt new activities and acquire the courage to do so on their own without adult supervision.

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