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Mistakes To Avoid When Starting An Ecommerce Business

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Low wages and long working hours and increasing dearness have caused a lot of trouble and headache for people in recent years. These are some of the many reasons that are prompting the need for starting a business in people rapidly. The number of entrepreneurs today exceeds the number of entrepreneurs in the last decade a long margin. One main reason for that is ecommerce. Ecommerce comes as a very exciting venture for people as they start it as a side business and end up leaving their job and doing it full time. The reason for this is that ecommerce offers a lot of flexibility for the customer and vendor both. You don’t need an office or warehouse and an army of workers to start and manage a business. With ecommerce, all you need is a robust ecommerce website and a laptop and you can start a business from your house. 

It is in human nature to make mistakes so there is a very strong possibility that you can end up on the wrong of easy-looking ecommerce business. At the start it might seem like a very exciting thing, you will start building castles in your mind how your business will skyrocket straight away. I am here to tell you otherwise. Like any other business ecommerce also requires a lot of planning. If you don’t put it on paper and work accordingly you might come across the other side of the coin. For example, if you don’t choose an appropriate platform that does not support new add ons. It will cause a lot of maintenance problems. There is always a way to right the wrongs like hiring a professional ecommerce website agency for their shopping cart migration and ecommerce website maintenance services. But your approach should be to avoid these glitches and that can be achieved by planning the future before it falls on your head. 

Let’s discuss some of the mistakes that you must avoid if you want to start and continue a successful business. 

Not Specifying A Target Market

The biggest mistake that a new startup can make is jumping into the ecommerce business half-cocked. Like I mentioned earlier you need to plan your move before making it and the first step of this process is mapping out your target market. If you are not targeting a specific niche of the market you are basically aiming for the entire market which is an impossible feat for a well-established business let alone a start-up. So to start on the right path you must specify your target market and then plan your product and marketing according to that niche. 

Research the market as much as you can and try to understand the needs and ways to approach the customer. The competition in the ecommerce industry is getting fierce with every day that means you can not wait for the customer to come to you, as a result, you should find a way to get to the customer with the right product and right sales pitch and that is only possible if you know your target market thoroughly. 

Choosing the right platform

The world of ecommerce business is evolving rapidly. You no longer need to design a custom ecommerce website for your business, you can simply choose from templates and websites offered by ecommerce platforms. More and more people are turning to ecommerce as a result more and more platforms are emerging as well making it difficult for the vendors to choose the right one. The best way to avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong ecommerce platform is by first analyzing what you want from the platform for your ecommerce business and then researching the platforms rigorously. Choose the right platform that meets your needs like stunning design, API integrations, good hosting services, easy and economical scalability, and most important of them all good customer services. 

Let’s just assume that you choose an ecommerce platform that promised a lot but delivered nothing, don’t be discouraged by that. You can always migrate from your current to a better one. Migration can be a very lethargic process but you can always hire professionals and benefit from the cart migration services they offer. 


Most of the revenue that ecommerce is offering comes from mobile. The reason behind this fact is that the majority of ecommerce customers is millennials and gen z. As they spend most of their time on mobile it is only fair that they buy things online through their smartphones as well. Smartphones give them the opportunity to use voice recognition, image search and most of all ease of access that is the reason why they make purchases with their mobiles. 

Google keeps customer preference in mind when developing new policies as most of the searches made on Google are through so according to new policies of Google websites are being ranked on the basis of their mobile-friendliness. In a jist, if you want to be seen your website must be responsive.

Complex and Poor UX

Your ecommerce website is the point of contact between your customer and your business. Customer’s of the modern era are always in a hurry and they give a few seconds to introduce your company. That is why your ecommerce website design must be attractive and eye-catching to lure the customer to make a purchase. Make your website simple and easy to follow. The worst thing you can do to your business is making your website complex. 

Your website must convey a clear CTA to customers so that when he lands on the website your website content could guide him to a conversion, at best to purchase. Remember it is vital for every ecommerce vendor to make the journey of ecommerce vendor as smooth and frictionless as possible. The checkout process of an ecommerce website is where you can make or break a customer. People are already iffy when it comes to giving their personal and credit card information making it complex will be like adding fuel to fire. Another common mistake is not displaying your security badges on the right pages.

When it comes to business especially there is no right and wrong honestly. You will make bad choices and come across drawbacks. Never forget that it is not the end of the world. You will never be a failure as long as you keep on trying. Learn from your mistakes and build a profitable business.

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