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Natural Pet Care Products That are Sustainable Too

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Pets are just like our family members who stay with us, eat, drink, sleep and poop just like any living being. However, when talking about these four leg pets, we aren’t that much aware about their food choices, waste and other products too. They’re important to us as our friends and companions and so we must be careful about our choices we make towards our pets and things used for them. These choices don’t only matter to the pets but also make an impact on our environment too. Our preference must be to feed them with natural foods and also take care of them with natural pet care products that can easily be recycled and decomposed. This will result in a positive impact to their health as well as to our planet Earth.

These furry animals are very close to many people just like their own kids and they’re ready to do anything and provide everything better for them, to keep themselves safe, healthy and happy. That’s the most important reason why many pet owners are willing to find sustainable and natural products for their pets which are good for them. By choosing organic products, these pet parents feel much more relaxed and safe regarding their furry friends, that is also helping the environment as well.

About Mooseberry

Natural and organic products are all in demand nowadays and rightfully so. The market for these products is increasing rapidly, just because it has more benefits and less side effects on us and on our blue planet too. synthetic products have cost us a lot regarding our health like various diseases, infections and damage it has caused to our environment. Moose Berry company is trying hard to enable people with the best organic products that’re authentic and doesn’t cost you a fortune. They’ve a very good range for the natural pet care products from balms to body washes to wholesale soap bars for their hygiene and skin care. Their products are mild on the skin, make their hair soft, silky and shiny and they can smell amazing after taking a bath. So let’s have a look what products they have:


This powder, as mentioned from its name that it’s organic and made from all natural products that includes diatomaceous earth, organic arrowroot, clays and botanicals that are surely safe for their skin and works wonders for them, as keeping them fresh and breathy. Another prominent feature of this powder is that it’s talc-free, which is something great. Talc are harmful because they can increase the risk of mesothelium (a tumor of tissue) and many times other skin cancers too. This powder is toxins free and therefore avoids any type of irritation to their skin and fur. The powder is packed in an ecofriendly bottle of 4oz, available in $ 16.00, can order a single piece or even a bundle of 16 packs too.


This pet balm base is totally natural and vegan that means all its ingredients are derived from plants and are cruelty free, a sigh of relief for the people who are animal lovers. These balms are helpful because they can help prevent and also cure dryness and damaged skin and paw pads by soothing and repairing them while keeping them moisturized and hydrated. You must gently rub them on the desired area with your fingers especially when your pet is sleeping, so it gets time to heal and cure. Applying these balms on your pets pads is a great way of taking care of them.  


This organic pet wash is going to be the best friend of your pet’s bath time, just because it has so much in it to pamper and nourish their skin amazingly. This pet wash has certified organic oils, coco glucoside, distilled water, a touch of lavender that ends up in a great refreshing smell and calming effects too. This product is very gentle and mild to their skin and fur, with sulfate free formula and added with purest oils that works great for pets skin. This wash has low lather just like a moose that keeps the pet calm and cool. It’s vegan, organic, gluten free and non GMO, so what else you want to have other than this.


Itchiness is a painful thing, which keeps your pet unrest and quite irritable but there is no need to worry as we have a great soap for these itchy pets, which will take away all that itchiness in just one wash. This soap is made from some of the most known anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of herbs like lemongrass, turmeric, tea tree, lemon and other soothing oils like coconut and olive. They are available in single bar as well as wholesale soap bars too. for best results apply MOOSE BERRY balm after it, to relieve them further.

Final words

Giving the pets with the best natural products is their right on you and it’s our responsibility to be concerned about our environment too. These products are made from natural ingredients which are eco- friendly too, also are mild and gentle to the pets. So pamper your pets with these products and thank me later.

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