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7 Ways to Keep Your Metal Building Cool During the Summer Heat

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Wherever you live, there is probably a time of year that is warmer or cooler than others. Summer and winter in your Steel Buildings can be brutal if you haven’t prepared for the inevitable temperature changes. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and Simpson Steel has options for you.

Simpson Steel has the solution, whether it’s changing the color of your roof, adding a building accessory, or incorporating a steel building system. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to keep your building cool or warm.


Air escapes from buildings when the weather is hot. A continual flow of a more temperate air escapes from the building during the summer. And while your building is losing cold air, hot air is being drawn into your home to replace the air you’re losing. Thermodynamics in action. Heat, to put it simply, is always seeking equilibrium; it moves from hot to cold until everything is the same.


As the hot side approaches the cold side, heat is transferred. The heat is transferred through direct contact. When your hot roof transmits heat to your hot attic, you have a problem.


When it comes to insulation, it’s not just utilised to keep your home warm in the winter, either. Cooling older and younger buildings with this method is also quite effective. Essentially, insulation functions as a barrier, preventing hot air from entering your home.

Heating and cooling costs can be reduced by adding insulation to your building’s frame. The attic is where the majority of heat is gained and lost. The importance of attic insulation cannot be overstated.

You should consult with an expert because different types of insulation are required for different climates, building types and uses. A minimum of 6 to 10 years is recommended for insulation. Always replace or renovate your insulation with a new layer when you reach the end of the insulation’s warranty period.

Sealing your home

Your ideal temperature-resistant building can be used as a thermostat. Therefore, your building should be airtight, just as thermostats are. Your building should be completely airtight, preventing any hot air from getting in. Building energy efficiency increases considerably, and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard to keep the building cool.

Heat Barrier

When it comes to keeping metal buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer, heat barrier insulation is essential. You should improve the insulation in your roof and walls to the R-Value required by your local energy efficiency requirements if you live in an area where temperatures change.

Ventilation and Ridge Vents

Another technique to keep the temperature in your metal building at a comfortable level is through proper ventilation. They go hand in hand. If you have windows open at night, you can keep the A/C from cycling, and then close them in the morning in order to keep the cool air in. Thus, your cooling system should run for shorter periods of time.

 Choose a Lighter Roof Color

Using lighter colours on your building’s roof is like wearing a light-colored t-shirt in the summer since it helps reflect heat rather than absorb it, as darker colours do. After installation, you can change the hue.

Our goal is to make your bespoke home more comfortable during those hot summer days. You’re in luck if you’re looking for a new custom steel building from Safeway Steel. The metal garages, Aviation Buildings, and sheds that we offer can be tailored to match your needs AND your budget! Contact us now!

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