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8 Value-Adding Home Interior Tips

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A home is usually the most valuable asset, a prized possession of any person’s life. Whether you are making your forever home or you plan on reselling it after a couple of years, adding value to your home is a priority. There are certain renovations, installations and restorations that can instantly add to the value of the home. The main thing is to keep in mind a mass appeal for the house, don’t do renovations that are specific to your taste. Before doing any changes, question the functionality and outlook of it. Make sure you do changes that appeal to a wide range of people in order to make your house irresistible and a must-have house. Placing rugs from Magnolia home rugs, hanging beautiful artwork, investing on flooring and kitchen installations are some of the things that add to the value of any house.

Installing value adding features to a house is not only an aesthetic and artistic decision but also a financial one. You don’t want to invest in changes that will not pay off in a certain locality or area. You have to keep in mind the people you are targeting and the area the house is built in. If you have been futuristic while building your house, if it’s structurally sound and well-looked after than you might get away with some easy, pocket-friendly changes like refreshing the paint, polishing the furniture, buying rugs for sale, cleaning the upholstery and some garden maintenance and bank on your previous investments. These easy updates make the overall appearance of the home fresh and tempting to the potential buyers, resulting in more money in your pocket.

Although every home is different, here are 8 tried, simple and pocket-friendly value adding updates that you can take cue from and reform your home.

1. Redo the Paint Coat  

Let’s start with an easy, low budget and applicable-to-every-home tip that is to refresh the paint on the walls. Paint can instantly lift the mood of any room; it makes the room look clean, fresh, and new and clean thus adding to the value of the home. The smell of the paint alone is enough to make anyone inherently feel that the home is new and updated. If you’re painting to resell then opt for a neutral color palette with the likes of beige, taupe greys and fawns but don’t be afraid to up your game with an accent wall or artwork. In fact Magnolia home rugs make for an amazing artwork if framed well.

2. Treat the Kitchen Like a King

Now kitchen revamp can be anything as minor as changing the cabinet knobs or as big as remodeling the entire kitchen. You have to do according to your budget, but make sure you do invest in upgrading this part of the home before pitching it for sale as an advanced kitchen adds great value to the house. Start by updating anything that makes the kitchen look used and abused, like a stained sink, an old microwave, worn out cabinets and knobs, dirty floor tiles and dull lighting. If your budget allows you than go ham with your kitchen and start by installing an open kitchen style shelf with lighting fixtures on top along with energy-efficient sockets and other tech savvy installment to add great value to your kitchen.

3. Bathroom Upgradation

Now a bathroom upgrade is much hyped in the value adding features of the home and that’s for a good reason as the average return of investment on bathroom is 74% (wow!). Anything you do to give your bathrooms a face lift will surely add to the value of the home and will return to you for good. Change up things like faucets, sinks and functional cabinets and lighting, install hooks and other accessories to make it useful and oh so tempting to leave.

4. Apprise the Flooring

Flooring plays a huge part in uplifting the look of the home. Just because you’re used to the holes in the carpeting and rugs or the spots on the flooring doesn’t mean that the potential buyers will also ignore them. A good rule is to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and if you don’t have any qualms stepping up on a carpet just because it’s dirty then think twice because the buyer will also feel the same. Get your carpets and rugs cleaned up by a professional if you cannot replace them. If the budget allows then get Magnolia home rugs or rugs from sale and give your flooring the face life it deserves.

5. Get Organized

Getting organized for adding value to the home may seem an obscure tip but it’s very crucial and must be done before every visit. Hire a professional for a day, they have an eye for it and will point out stuff that you were so accustomed to but when it’s removed the home looks spacious, clutter free and organized. This will give out the image of a clean, large and appealing space which everyone loves to inhabit.

6. Install Storage Space

Everyone loves an extra storage space; it is a great value adding feature. There are numerous ways by which you can add storage space to even a small home. You can provide storage by simply adding cabinets to a room or by installing overhead floating shelves. If you’re making a new house then the space below the staircase is a great hidden storage space. Be clever and it will pay off big time.

7. Energy Efficient Fixtures

When trying to add value to your home be energy efficient not only for the potential buyers but also for the environment. Install energy saving light bulbs, fans or go big with an entire set up of solar paneling, depending on your budget but being energy efficient is the only way forward.

8. Make an Appealing Entrance

Your entrance is your first impression so be sure to make it right. Keep your curb appealing, place flower pots, make sure it’s clean and the front door must be something to want to open. The walls and their paint must be good as new to set the tone of the home.


Home is where the heart is, right? So make sure you incorporate all the above features to make it appealing, alluring and hard to resist to any buyer that walks in.

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