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Home Décor Ideas That Make a Huge Difference to Your Space

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Do you feel the pressing need to spruce up your décor to evoke some excitement in it? Are the walls screaming for your attention? Does the arrangement of the furniture beg for a new setting? Well, if your space is boring and monotonous, if you feel overwhelmed when you enter it or if it wearies you down with dullness then it’s time to revamp and reinvigorate it with some home décor ideas that will surely make a distinguished difference to the overall look of your space. Refurbishing any space doesn’t require a huge budget or any major renovation at all; clever installations and changes can make any space light up like a Christmas tree. Area rugs for sale don’t just fit right in your budget but they also add zest and zing to the space.

When getting into the phase of redecorating and revamping any space of your home getting inspired is the key. Look around for inspiration; take nods from the seasons, a friend’s home, a wall art décor or any other thing that makes you excited to translate that in your décor. Once you’re sorted with where you’re headed with your décor, you will be amazed to see that your new perspective will make you notice things that were hidden from you before. Score through the internet, flip through glossy magazine pages or visit furniture showrooms to broaden your vision.

Usually small, insignificant things make a huge difference to any space. It ceases to amaze me every time how a vase of fresh flowers or an area rug for sale or quirky accessories can make a remarkable difference to your space and in this article I’m going to open the Pandora box of such home décor ideas that will make transform your space, so let’s dive right into it.

1. Install a Colossal Mirror

Mirrors can never fail you, trust me they always do the job. If you have limited space on the ground but your walls are screaming for attention then grace them with a mirror. Choose a big, stylish and a little off set mirror in order to truly make it stand out from the pack, it will become a focal point and be that difference you wanted in the first place. Nowadays mirrors are the go-to accessory for a quick fix for any space of the home; they come in a wide range of designs, sizes and price range, basically one for everyone. Plus if you get your hands on a substantial, quirky and eccentric mirror then it also serves as a wall art décor.

2. Change your Throw Pillow Covers   

Probably the easiest, inexpensive and effective way that not only makes a significant difference to the décor but it also freshens up the whole space is swapping out the old decorative throw pillows with new ones. Instigating a new color, print, pattern or fabric to the old settings takes the attention away from the old pieces and draws the specs on the new thing, thus making the much needed difference to the space.

3. Reupholster your Major Furniture Pieces

Reupholstering old furniture pieces can instantly bring new life to any space. Try to come out of your comfort zone and put your efforts in doing something that makes the space look eclectic. Mix and match the fabric for the new look and aim for a juxtaposition of elements. Think of a bigger picture and set your newly upholstered furniture in that frame. Go for velvets, suede, corduroy for a rich and royal look and pair them up with decorative throw pillows.

4. Rugs and Carpets

This element can be a game changer if used cleverly because the amount of color, class and quality a rug brings to any space is unparalleled to any other feature. Area rugs for sale provide a great bang for buck and also give any space an instant face-lift. Layer up area rugs on top of carpets for the ultimate coziness in winters and it also helps you connect different areas of the room making it look cohesive to the onlooker.

5. Play with Light Fixtures

Lighting found in standard stores is designed to match with the homogenous style of décor that is neutral color scheme and 3-2-1 sofa setting. But if you want to invigorate your space with this element then choose lighting that has some intriguing qualities to it. Select lighting fixtures that tell a story, excite when lit and have a slight quirkiness to it. Also if we see from the other end of the design spectrum, a glamorous room needs elements that have a dramatic appeal to clasp the different pieces together. Hang an out-of-box chandelier on top of a coffee table or install small light fixtures in shelves to make things interesting.

6. Add Fragments of Bling

Flashy décor items are the future of interior designing. Shiny brass legged furniture pieces to aluminum mixed tables to mirrored walls, all that shines is gold. You can make a difference by putting a collection of decoration items that are shiny or go ham with a table made from golden color.  Remember there is a thin line to thread on; you can either make the décor look glorious or make it look cheap.

7. Take Help from Mother Nature

If you don’t want to do any major tweaks due to time constraints or budget issues, I have an amazing idea for you that will not only make that much needed difference to your décor but also make it alive. Add greenery to your space, place vases of flowers, hang indoor plants, place huge pots of plants with big leaves or place lucky bamboo sticks to make your space feel blooming. You can greenery to every room of the home be it dining table, coffee table, window sills or bathroom shelves.

Bottom Line

Making a difference is not difficult but choosing the right element is what makes all the difference, no matter how small or big it is. So choose wisely!

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