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Attractive Decorative Pillows and Rugs for a Contemporary Home

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The word “contemporary style” can’t be pinned down to one specific style, as it’s ever evolving with the modern times. To put in simple, understandable words, contemporary homes are the ones that depict modern architecture and interiors. Homes that are built on contemporary style, flaunts flair and flamboyance. Modernized and sustainable building materials, clean lines, stark minimalism and clutter free interiors are the terms that best encapsulate the true essence of contemporary style. A true contemporary home will have decorative pillows Tulsa, large area rugs, beautiful artwork, and different intonations of lighting.

When you have zeroed on your color palette, bought your dream furniture, settled on the window treatments and other various aspects of the interior décor, it’s now time to pull the look together. There are two such elements that have become widely popular among masses and are must haves when aiming for contemporary homes; decorative pillows and area rugs. In this article, we will tell you how to put these two elements in a contemporary home setting and bring out the best in the interior décor.

Highlighting Contemporary Homes with Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are the perfect for accessorizing any space of the home, be it living room, bedroom or even kitchen. They inject color, vibrancy, texture, drama and style like no other element can. Not only are these throw pillows affordable, they are easy to swap, clean, play with and are readily available in a wide range in every possible color, shape, size, print and texture. When it comes to decorative pillows Tulsa, the sky’s the limit. For a chic contemporary home we have gathered some thumb rules for you to follow that will make any setting of your home look uber cool and modernized.

First thing is color, the thumb rule is to always keep in mind that the accent pillow should complement the sofa, wing chair or any furniture piece you’re willing to place it on. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the pillow cover has to match with the tapestry, no, it should just look good when it sits on the furniture piece. It can either blend in with the color story or stand out from the crowd. The best way is to choose three colors, take cue from other elements of the décor like wall paint, artwork, curtain or rugs. Even if they all are in different patterns, prints or textures the same color will make everything fall in place.

Next up is the pattern of the decorative throw pillows, which is the best way to break the monotony of anything in the décor. Don’t hold back when incorporating patterns through pillows to your décor, be bold, eccentric and think out of the box to truly demonstrate a contemporary home vibe. Over here I will again suggest to play with three patterns but only if the base is of one solid color. If you already have a printed sofa then solids are the best way to go, as too many patterns can make any room look messy and busy. Try doing one floral one geometric + one solid or one chevron + one stripped + one knit texture.

Odd numbered decorative pillows make it look more modern like five for a normal three-seater. Whereas, even numbers look more traditional and safe, try placing a smaller number of large pillows than placing a large number of smaller pillows. Shapes of decorative pillows can also make the space look unique, although the square ones are the most safest and preferred, rectangle, circle or bolster look equally good if used aesthetically. You can also play with the textures, trims and embellishments of the throw pillows to make your home a true interpretation of modern homes.

Complete the Look with Area Rugs  

Adding area rugs is the best way to make any room look visually pleasing. Area rug helps pull together the entire décor of the room. It adds excitement, warmth, coziness and it also anchors the furniture, defines the conversation area and adds layering to the room. There are several ways to integrate this design element to your décor and I will tell you how area rugs can make it to your contemporary home setting.

Just like decorative pillows, the starting point for area rugs is also the color. Obviously, you need to take in the color story of the setting, of the existing furniture and what your preference is. If an area rug is your first element then you have given yourself the opportunity to play with one of the best design elements. But if you are choosing the rug after selecting furniture, curtains and wall paints then you need to make sure that everything looks cohesive and in harmony with each other. A vintage oriental rug is the best way to add a touch of class and culture if the color story of the room is warm but if you want to make a statement with the rug then go for a bold geometric pattern.

A true contemporary home has rugs that not only look visually unique but also makes everything else look astounding. In winters, layer your rugs to make the space feel warmer and very chic. It can be plain on pattern, print on texture or pattern on plain. But make sure to fully consider your settings before layering rugs on top of each other.

Another important aspect of rug buying is the size of the rug. A shorter rug makes the area look bare and a larger rug makes the area look too filled and congested. An ideal rug is the one on which the front legs of the furniture sits comfortably, in order to define the conversation area. Also keep in mind the foot traffic of the room before buying a rug, if the room is a high traffic area then go for a high pile rug and vise versa.


Both the décor elements, decorative pillows and area rugs play an important part in establishing a contemporary home setting. Make sure you keep in mind all the aforementioned tips and tricks to keep your décor chic, modernized and very cool.   

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