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Pillow Covers Are the Best Way to Safeguard Your Pillow & Adorn Your Living Space

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Pillow covers are often not given their due prominence despite the fact that they are an important bedding item. It has the ability to give you a peaceful sleep all night and it can also transform the look of your bedroom. Bed spreads, bed covers and duvets take all the attention of the onlookers and all the money of the owners. Pillow covers can do both the things; they can grab the attention and will fit right into the budget of the owners.

So first we need to acknowledge the importance of pillow covers and make sure we invest in this part of the bedding. Pillow covers have another important thing to do; it protects your pillows and guard against many allergens and other things that are unseen to the naked eye, thus extending the life of the pillows. Pillow covers are available in various fabrics, styles, materials, colors and sizes to suit your bed. King size pillowcases look amazing and give out a look of royalty and luxury.

Why Do You Need Pillow Covers?

Pillow covers help keep your pillowcases cleaner, as it’s first in the line of defense. Every night we lay our heads on the pillow covers which come in direct contact with our face. Over time dead skin cells, dirt, sweat, tears and dander accumulates in our pillowcases. Pillow covers protect the pillowcases against all this build up and helps prolong its life by saving it from frequent washes. Pillow covers also protect pillow cases against allergens, dust mites, dust and dander. Tightly woven fabric of the pillow covers prevent the accretion of all these allergens in the pillowcases which thrive in warm, cozy and humid environments such as bedding.

Pillow covers also save the king size pillowcases or any kind of pillowcases against light wear and tear as it adds an extra layer of fabric. Pillows are not only used for sleeping, they provide back support, leg support, are great for hugging and also come handy in pillow fights so they can get dirty, the fabric can fade, it can have holes as well. Pillow covers protect the inner filling against all this wear and tear and helps prolong the life of the pillowcase. Guarding your pillowcases with an extra covering of pillow covers creates a double layer of defense against so many things. All the oils, sweat, saliva and dirt particles can reduce the fluff of the pillowcases and make them flat. Pillow covers help retain the fluffiness and puffiness of the pillowcases for a much longer time.

Bed bugs are a huge problem that many big city residents face. These nasty little pests love the warmth and humidity of the bed creases and pillows and can wreak havoc in anyone’s peaceful sleep. Pillow covers provide an efficient defense against these bed bugs and keep the pillows clean, fresh and safe from any kind of infestation. Pillow covers also make sure that no feathers escape the pillowcases, down and feather-proof pillow covers keep the pillowcases intact and retain their fluffiness.

Pillow Cover Materials

Pillow covers are now available in a wide variety of fabrics that not only protects the pillowcases from all the above mentioned problems but also looks very stylish and chic. Linen pillow covers are the best kind of pillow covers and they are all natural. Cotton pillow covers are also natural and one of the most widely used fabric for making pillow covers. Polyester, bamboo and some waterproof materials such as plastic, vinyl and polyurethane pillow covers are also available in the market.

How to Adorn the Living Space with Pillow Covers?

Where pillow covers provide so many functions and protect the pillow cases against many things it also makes sure that they look stylish, chic and very fashion forward. Pillow covers can alter the look of any living space and add a splash of color, contrast and excitement seamlessly. Even the most comfortable sofas, chairs, beds and couches need some back support, something to prop you up or something that adds to the contemporary vibe, pillow covers are the perfect excuse. Here are some ideas that you can apply in order to adorn your living space with decorative pillow covers for the ultimate chic look.

Introduce New Colors to the Setting

If your living space is of a particular color and you wish to break the monotony but you don’t want it to be the focal point of the room then adding decorative pillow covers strategically, will beautifully adorn the space. Adding hints of colors, prints and texture in different hues will brighten the whole look; make sure you add the same color in another aspect as well to give it a cohesive look.

Play with Textures

If you are unsure of introducing new colors to the perfect setting of your space then you can also add interest with textures in the same colors. Faux fur, fringes, velvets, suede and other fabrics not only look rich and royal they also create visual excitement and seem oh so cool.

Size Does Matter

If you are bold enough to play with different colors, prints and patterns through pillow covers then make sure you place all of them in the same size. When different colors and prints are already creating excitement you don’t want to further complex the situation with varying sizes.

Customized Pillow Covers

Pillow covers that have text written on them look so unique and well thought out. It gives the space a sense of exclusivity and individuality. You can go for inspirational, love or family quotes but make sure you don’t add a lot of them. Just slid in one or two along with other pillows to make the whole look intriguing and attention-grabbing.

Placement is Important

Make sure the placement of the pillow covers look cohesive and not thrown in hassle.  Try the all-time-successful arrangement of 5 pillow covers, outer two pillows covers in big size then middle two in slightly smaller size and the one in the middle is the smallest.

Bottom Line

Pillow covers have evolved a lot and now they have become a go-to move to revamp or adorn any space of the house. Be sure to bank on this fashionable accessory to decorate your home.

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