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Things to Take into Account before decorating your Home

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Decorating and designing a new home is exciting, challenging and overwhelming all at the same time. Whether you are doing it for the first time or the fifth time, one always looks forward to decorating the home they will be living in. Your home is going to be that one place in the whole world that will always bring comfort and solace to you and the décor of the home plays a huge part in achieving that. An empty shell like home turns into an inviting, welcoming space only by the way you decorate it. When beautiful area rugs Tulsa grace your flooring, when different cadences of lighting brighten up the space and when decorative pillows grace the furniture than that home is what brings joy to the inhabitants.

Decorating your new home can be quiet straining on the budget as well, so make sure to tick off the essentials first and not waste money on insignificant decoration. For this to happen, proper planning, budgeting and preparation has to be done. Here we have listed some great tips and tricks that will help furnish your home even on a shoestring of a budget but with great finesse and style. So read on…

Don’t do Panic Shopping   

Have you heard of the saying that, “never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry” as it leads to wasteful and poor choices. Same is true for when shopping for furniture, don’t do it in panic. Just because your living room desperately needs a sofa or your bedroom needs a bed or your dining room is calling for a dining table, you can’t just pick up anything that looks good in the store. Make sure you take proper measurements of the place where you want to put the furniture piece; you also want to take in account the color story and match different accents with it.

Don’t Disregard the Floors

Flooring is a pivotal part of the home; it’s the base of your home which keeps it sturdy, clean and ever appealing. Whether your new humble abode is covered with wall-to-wall carpeting or it has shining laminate flooring, it certainly needs a touch of warmth and coziness. Well this is where area rugs Tulsa and other rugs Tulsa come into play for your rescue. Rugs are a great way to add personality, culture, class and style to the flooring. It can also cover up any imperfections the flooring has if the home is rented. Rugs are available in an array of colors, patterns and prints.

Pay Attention on the Lighting

Lighting is very important if you want to make your home welcoming, inviting and oh so comfortable. If you can highlight the main areas of the home efficiently with proper lights then not only it will look great but it will also create a great ambience. The right tones and intensity of the lighting around the home can raise oxytocin levels which give the residents emotion joy and satisfaction. Small table lamps on consoles that are dimly lit can make the atmosphere romantic whereas a glowing chandelier makes the atmosphere full of energy and zest. One more thing, if you prefer warm and cozy feels, then opt for downward lighting and if you like bright and bigger look for your home than go for upward lighting.

Artwork looks Amazing

Don’t keep those walls bare, empty and stark; make sure you give them life. Artwork is the perfect way to inject life into your walls. It shows your style and also makes the home look well thought out and decorated with love and care. It’s up to the residents of the home if they like big artworks or like to tease every other wall with some kind of color. One more thing, there’s a misconception that artwork is always expensive, well that’s not the case all the time, you can get your hands on pretty good artwork too without any huge sum of money spent.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a must have item for any new home, in my opinion. It rinses off any odd smells of the new home and it also makes the whole home smell, fresh and inviting. Scented candles make the home feel cozy, intimate and so delicious. Scented candles also look great on their own as decoration pieces. They look amazing when placed on a mantel, coffee tables or consoles. Be sure to incorporate them into your décor for a distinct look.

Add a Touch of Nature

Flower arrangements, plant pots and clinging plants on the walls make the home look lovely. Place them on the entrance, nightstand, and windowsills or on the dining table. You don’t have to go overboard with this; just any flora will do the trick.

Bottom Line

Every home can become a place of your dreams if you follow these simple tricks and tips. Do the décor well and it will be the most comfortable place in the world and do it poorly and every day will become a torture.

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