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Stylish Décor Items that Make a Room Look Cool

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A room is like a blank canvas on which you can play with colors, experiment with ideas and create a masterpiece using the right blend of elements. Placing stylish, heterogeneous and eccentric décor items make for a cool room that stands out. Doing the same mundane, lackluster and repeated décor and expecting it to look cool is just an expectation that is bound to be futile. Decorating a room allows to you explore your personal style, induce a fair amount of flair to it and create a space which resonates with your personality. Adding décor elements like an old-phone or neon color chair or an accent wall that displays your pictures in different frames or placing wholesale rugs Springfield can make a room look cool.

For making any room look cool you don’t require a hefty budget or a top notch interior designer. All you need is to understand your style, what makes you happy, an eye for things and the ability to conceptualize everything together. All this may seem quite a task but if you genuinely feel for something then it will click into the room seamlessly. No matter if you want to create a room that has a rustic look, modern aesthetic or a cool, chilling vibe.

There are tons of DIY projects that can make a room look cool. You can also visit yard sales, thrift stores, and souvenir shops to find collectables to make your room look cool, quirky and chilled out. From wall arts to rugs Tulsa to pillows covers to ottomans, you can pick and choose whatever you feel is right and style according to your taste. Here are some stylish décor items that will surely make any room look cool.

1. Colorful Light Fixtures

A light fixture doesn’t have to be boring and only functional. Light fixtures can be functional as well as decorative and cool. Markets are full of light fixtures in quirky, eccentric designs in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs one can think of. Whether you install a shiny table lamp, a bright colorful standing lamp, a whimsical chandelier, starry lights or fake candle overhead light fixture. Choose whatever suits your taste but keep in mind to be cool.

2. Mirrors

Mirror is the new cool accessory that every room deserves. Available in all sizes, finishes, shapes and colors, you ought to find the one that will fit right into your setting and bring out the desired effect. Mirrors can be of full length, round, square, craved, a mix of elements and so many other ways you can think of. So don’t hold back when you find a mirror that speaks to you.

3. Rugs, Rugs and Rugs

Rugs are my favorite décor item that instantly makes a room look complete. Trust a well-placed rug to make a room look uber cool, chic and full of flair. Slip a round area rug scored from wholesale rugs Springfield under your coffee table or hand your rug as an art work, the options are unlimited and sky is the limit. Be creative, bold and try to go out of your comfort zone to achieve a cool look for your rooms.

4. Inimitable ceiling fans

Talking about being cool and not talking about fans is not fair (pun intended). Well, to be honest fans are a staple in every room but still have qualms to experiment with them. Fans don’t just have to be serviceable and operational, they can be decorative. Markets and interior designing stores are all brimming with ceiling fan options that are just too good to be true. Try swapping the old three legged fan with a four legged wooden one and see the difference it makes.

5. Wall clocks

A clock is a must-have item in any room, right? So why not make it a cool, accent piece. Wall clocks are pieces that everyone is bound to look at, making these apologetic and plain-looking pieces in a cool décor item will make heads turn and count as the new cool thing.

6. Geometric Elements    

Geometric elements when incorporated well in the setting of the room make the room appear uber chic and cool.  The best way is to make an accent wall in geometric pattern and also introduce snippets of it through décor items like throw pillows rugs Tulsa and maybe even by window treatments.

7. Statement Furniture Piece

If you have limited budget, space or options but you still want to add something cool to your room setting then try out this décor strategy. Place a wing chair or an ottoman in a completely different color than the color scheme that is already prevalent. Like if the color palette is in grey or beige tones then place a fuchsia pink or canary yellow chair to bring a pop of color to the room and make it look cool.

Bottom Line  

The definition of cool is different for everyone, try to figure out what it is for you and then choose decorative items accordingly. 

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