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How to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website in 2021

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The Ecommerce trend is on a constant upward trajectory since 2007. Only a few other industries have attained such roaring and soaring success in modern history. Generating around $30 billion in 2007, ecommerce is now estimated to reach a whopping $5 trillion mark till 2021. This means there are a ton of opportunities for driving revenues and increasing sales. In order for your brand to gain success by ecommerce, you need to hire an ecommerce SEO expert that makes ecommerce marketing strategies that are exclusive and tailored to your needs. The right strategies will make sure that your brand is reaching the right audiences with a bang.

Nowadays just a website that is designed well, with good quality products and services won’t get you traffic. People need to know that you are giving such great goods or services and for that ecommerce services are a must. 2020 has been a year of online shopping, accredited to COVID-19 people have overcome the fear and pitfalls of online shopping and have started to enjoy it. This trend is likely to be on a rise in 2021 as well, for sure but it’s also going to become even more challenging, arduous, and strenuous to attract organic prospects towards your website.

The main aim is to bring more and more traffic to your website so that more chances there’re to flip them over into leads and your website is visible on the top searches on Google. But the problem is that due to poor ecommerce strategies wrong audiences come to your website that means lower conversion rate, which in turn means that wrong audiences are being targeted.  An ecommerce SEO expert measures your success through industry benchmarks like search engine ranking, conversion rates, click through rates and more. In 2021, professional ecommerce services will ensure you have the best ROI rates. So let’s cut to the chase and see what strategies are a must to adapt in 2021.

1. Prioritize Mobile Device

Mobile phones have made their way in everyone’s hands and have almost become a bloodline of our lives. Websites need to be mobile friendly in order for the consumers to reach them whenever they have time. In 2018 alone, around 52.2% sales were done through mobile and in 2021 this number is going to surge and an estimated 73% audiences will shop through mobiles. So make sure your website is easy to navigate, is responsive and adjustable to screen size, is coded on HTML5 and has little to no pop-ups.

2. Voice Search Optimization

When we talk about the future trends that will take over 2021 then voice search optimization tops the lists. Mobile online shopping has boosted this trend and smart speakers like Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Home have already set the bar high. So if you don’t want to fall behind then make sure your content is optimized for voice search. Voice search is different from text search; it has long-tail keywords and is more conversational. Hire an ecommerce SEO expert to ensure your website is voice search optimized.

3. Faster Loading Websites

The best speed of website loading is 2-3 seconds, 40% of the visitors abandon the page which takes longer than this and 80% won’t ever return back. Slow loading websites have cost the owners a loss of $2.6 million every year, so in 2021 a fast loading page is an absolute necessity. Google also lowers the ranking of the page where users spend less time. In order for your website to load within seconds limit the redirects, reduce size of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc, optimize image sizes, upload videos from external sources, reduce plug-ins and make sure browser caching.

4. Updated and Valuable Content

Organic and updated content is a vital ecommerce service which is much appreciated by Google as the ranking of that website soars. So for the 2021 checklist, make sure your website has fresh and well-run content always. It is also one of the easiest ways to boost organic traffic towards your website. According to reports, updating and modifying old blog posts and articles with fresh data, links and pictures can surge the traffic to up to 106%! You can do this by inserting fresh wordings using targeted keywords, update old stats and reports with the newer ones, always check your content metrics with Google Analytic and Hojar before refreshing it, fix broken links, insert multimedia elements like Facebook posts, Instagram pages and tweets to garner relativity and make sure the page is mobile optimized.

5. Use more Targeted and Sale-Driven Keywords

Keywords are very important for generating traffic towards your website but don’t just use them for the sake of it. Make sure the keywords are targeted and related to your product or service. If you are using the keywords which have a high search volume but aren’t related to what you’re offering then it will not only waste the time of the user but also annoy him. Using the autocomplete of Google to your advantage, you can unlock a treasure of related keywords that will garner organic traffic to your website that will have the potential to become customers.

6. Insert Links

Links play a major role in boosting the traffic and generating more clicks on your website. According to reports, almost 91% of the website doesn’t get any organic traffic as there are no backlinks. Backlinks are the third most important factor in Google search algorithms after high quality content and keywords. Make sure the backlinks to your website come from high quality websites. The focus should be on quality rather than quantity. If many low quality websites refer to your website then Google will penalize you if the links come from spam websites which are more like click baits. Make sure the reader or user knows exactly where these links will take him in order to avoid confusion.


So these are the new ecommerce SEO expert trends that any website owner must follow in 2021 for a high rate of organic traffic. Implementing and incorporating these valuable trends in your ecommerce business will let you achieve desired results in less time. The best way to do all this is by hiring an ecommerce SEO expert that will ensure each trend is followed meticulously.    

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