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Items You Need to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

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House is more than just a combination of walls, roofs, and doors that you use to spend the night and then leave for your work. It is a place where we find refuge and recharge our mind and body. People regroup their thoughts, refresh, recreate, and make memories in their houses. Friends and family visit from different places and brings unique gifts from Chattanooga or Dubai, we display these gifts in our house with pride and affection. People take pride in their house and put a lot of thought into decorating it and making it look like a place that is second to none regardless of how big it is. A comfy cozy home is enough to make all our worries fade away by just stepping in. 

Creating a cozy home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Small additions and little tweaks can really make your house from a stark place to a welcoming oasis where you forget the worries of the outside world. Snugly and warm interior is what we look for especially during the fall. In the summertime, we prefer a cool and breezy environment but as the crisp in the air increases, everyone opts for a cordial and mellow ambiance. Since it’s Christmas time and the cold outside is pushing us indoor it’s already past time to cozy up our interiors. Let’s discuss some ideas that will warm up your interiors without freezing your bank accounts. 

Layering up:

Layers, layers and some more layers, layers are associated with winter whether it is for yourself or your bed. Layers are a great way to add different textures and colorfulness to your house. Cotton sheets are a great bedding choice for summer but for winter I would definitely recommend switching to a more comfortable and warmer option like fennel or wool. Of course, you will need a comforter but with an extra rug with contrasting colors at the foot side of the bed for cold nights is also a good inclusion to your bedroom. 

It is time to add some extra shaggy pillows to your living room sofa along with a comfortable and soft throw rug or knitted blankets for a tepid feel as you watch a movie or read your favorite book. Changing the slipcover of your sofa with a luxe velvet fabric will look so warm and oh-so-lovely at the same time. 

Window treatment:

You can really change the outcome of any room you want with luxury and classy window treatment. Fall is the time to store your sheer curtains in the box as it is time to bring heavy and blocking curtains that will keep the interior warm and quite. If you have south-facing windows, covering them with heavy curtains to block the cold air is a better option. You can use light curtains with blinds or shutter for other windows to bring in light. 

Switch to warmer colors:

Warm lighting is also a great way to give an inviting and mellow touch to your house. Use lighting fixtures with warm yellow colors. Scented candles are sure to bring in the refreshing smell and a romantic and elegant look to your house. They will keep your house fresh and lit at the same time.

Lighting is not the only facet that needs a warm color, you can opt for warm colors for your walls and furniture as well. Light-colored furniture with striking dark silhouettes will deck out nicely. 

Soft and comfy rugs:

Rugs are probably one of the best and the easiest way to add comfort and coziness to any room whether it is a bedroom, a kitchen, and especially if it is a living room. A soft and shaggy rug beside your bed for you to land on it in the morning and a couple of beautiful rugs in the living room will keep your house warm, cozy and classy all at the same time.

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