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6 Steps To Improve The Ecommerce Payment Process

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How would you feel if you went through the trouble of designing and developing a robust ecommerce website and spend a fortune in marketing and SEO to get a customer to your website and it leaves without making a purchase? 

That’s right…. Very discouraging and bad. 

Cart abandonment is the biggest killer of an ecommerce vendor’s zeal and positivity. The average conversion rate of ecommerce is less than 4% and the cart abandonment rate is rising at an alarming magnitude. That is the reason why ecommerce vendors hire professional ecommerce agency to assist them in this matter of grave importance. The most common reason that pops in their analysis is the payment process.

People are very possessive of their credential information especially when shopping online. They mostly back out at the last moment resulting in cart abandonment issues. Now that we have disclosed the problem its time to discuss how we can avoid these problems.

People love choices

This is probably the most obvious sentence in this article that people love choice. One of the biggest reasons behind the success of ecommerce is that it brought ease and options in the life of shoppers. If take a look in the recent path it will be clear that payment has grown a lot from cash and credit cards to cryptocurrency and e-wallets. More than two billion people have made use of mobile payment methods for shopping. 

Most ecommerce vendors experience customer lose at the end of the conversion funnel because the customer couldn’t find the payment gateway he was looking for. That is why it is stressed that ecommerce vendors should offer as many payment gateways as possible. 

Payments have come a great way from traditional methods people don’t need cash or even cards now. They can just easily log in and pay with their online banking and virtual credit cards. 

The range of payment gateways is very vast and it is impossible for ecommerce vendors to offer all. You can not expect to offer a limiting number of options and have high conversions. Having limited or outdated payment options will only push your customers toward your competitors. The best approach is to research the market thoroughly and chose the most popular and used gateways like WeChat, AliPay (both have over 1billion users globally). 

Plan for international customers

Ecommerce is making headlines because it gives users the liberty to shop everywhere in the world. This is possible only when you have planned for your global customer. The payment method that is popular in your region might be unknown to people outside your continent. For the majority of the Chinese population prefer mobile payment methods and Americans favor the use of credit and debit card. That is why it is important to research the local market before introducing any payment gateways. 


Security is probably one of the main reasons why people are reluctant to pay online with their credit cards or even give their credential information. Online frauds and scams are increasing at an alarming rate. This is causing a lack of confidence and trust in online shoppers. Lack of confidence with 70% and security concerns at 40% are the major obstacles in mobile payment adoption. The amount of virtual cash is increasing with second and it is also increasing the risk of fraud and tampering. Especially in the international market, the proportionality of prospects is directly related to the possibility of scams.

Customer data security should be the first and foremost priority of every ecommerce business that is why securing the safety certificates is very vital for the growth of online businesses. Once you secure the certificates it is very important to display these badges on every page of the website especially the checkouts. This practice will boost the customer’s confidence and trust in the brand. 

Less complexity means more conversions

Simplicity is the best policy, especially when designing an ecommerce website. Try to make the checkout process as smooth and simple as possible. 57 % of customers leave a cart full of products because they consider the checkout the process complex and demanding. Ecommerce giants like Amazon offer one click buy options for their customers because they focus on the personalization. That is why customers now expect other brands to offer similar services. That is the reason why it is very important to keep the checkout simple. Use clears CTAs to steer the customer in the right direction and avoid ambiguity. 

Allowing customer checkout as a guest is also a great motivator for online shoppers. Remember checkout is where you can make and break a customer so making is smooth and fast is the best thing for your sales. 

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