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The Ultimate Expert Tips On Paint By Numbers

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Painting is an ancient form of art used for storytelling and as a hobby. Painting is said to be a great way for creative growth, strengthening memory, developing better motor skills and decision-making ability, and a great remedy to relieve stress. 

But it is not everyone’s cup of tea. One of the greatest of all times, Leonardo da Vinci, knew this so he invented a technique where he would number his painting after dividing it into different segments. He used to teach his students in this way. This ancient technique is being used today by millions across the globe known now as paint by numbers. Paint by numbers is on the list of 100 best hobbies of this century. People of all ages can enjoy it as you can easily get both the painting kit for adults and kids. You can enjoy this as a group activity. It is a great activity for fun, recreation, and inciting the creative artist inside you. 

Paint by numbers is a great way for beginners to get a grip on the basic concept of painting. You don’t need to be an expert for this form of painting as all you need is a cup of water, some paper towels, and your paint by numbers kit. The canvas is numbered for you t easily fill in the spots with the numbered paint and Voila! A masterpiece of your own making is ready to lit up your wall. Let’s discuss some expert tips for you to get you started.

Start your project in a well-lit room. The canvas contains very detailed sections making it difficult to know small sections. So, commencing your painting journey in a bright and lit place is a good choice. Detailed projects take time so make sure that you change your painting positions like sitting and standing to avoid any soreness of the neck or other muscles. One great tip is to take a digital picture of your project before you initiate to have an original image of the project in case you come across any smudging or any other incident. 

It is a good habit to iron your canvas before painting to remove any wrinkles. Stretching your canvas makes it portable and easy to operate but for canvas painting kits, you don’t need to stretch your canvas necessarily. You can just find a hard flat surface and tape the canvas to it with masking tape while making sure that there are no air pads underneath the canvas. You can pin it to a hardboard as well. Gesso is also not important for paint by numbers, especially if its acrylic paint. If you must, use a transparent gesso. 

The best way to commence a paint by numbers project is by starting with a number, completing it and then moving on to the next one. This is a good way to avoid any mishap and you can save paint in this matter as you won’t have to wash the brushes again and again between the colors. It is also a good technique as your paint will have rich and authentic colors. Strat the project from the top towards the bottom to avoid any smudging. You can also start from left to write. 

Remember to wet your paintbrush tip before you start painting. A pro tip is to only dip the tip of your brush instead of the entire brush. It gives you more control over the paint. You can easily paint without making any mess plus it is good for your brush. Paint can get stuck in the root of the brush making it difficult to clean resulting in changed colors. 

The best tip is to have fun with your project. Make your own rules and explore new things. 

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