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What is eCommerce Automation?

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Every business ever started had only a simple goal behind it, i.e. make money. Every businessman wants to sell more and make more money than he made in the past. The technological advancements have made it easy for businesses to grow making the today more exciting more than tomorrow. But the process of growth is not all bright and shiny. There is a dark side to it as well. A growing business means that you will have to put in more effort to keep it going and as you want to grow more it will get even more difficult. In the beginning, people don’t have an opinion about you but now you have gone through a lot of trouble to create an image of your brand and maintaining it will be a mountain task. 

So what are your options? Hire more employees? It will take time to train them about the workflow of your company and I don’t need to tell you how that will affect your resources and even after training the possibility of error is high. 

What if there is another way? 

And there is one known as ecommerce automation. It is a process consisting of several smart software that can perform numerous manual tasks of business on a regular basis efficiently. It is a cost-efficient, reliable, and time-saving way of performing the manual tasks in the workflow of a business and let you focus on more pressing matters like moving your ecommerce business forward. 

Top ecommerce platforms like Shopify offer a lot of features to their vendors to make their business more efficient among these Shopify services is Shopify Flow that provides ecommerce automation. These services cover a wide range of services including customer service, payment and invoicing, inventory management, refunds/returns, email workflows, order management, and shipping. 

Let’s see how automation can help ecommerce. 

Customer service has become a scale of measuring the value of a brand among modern customers. With the help of ecommerce we can provide the best and most effective customer service to online shoppers. Ecommerce vendors can provide 24/7 customer support to customers. 

The most common and fruitful use of automation is in marketing. It helps from target market research to contacting the customers through emails. With ecommerce automation, you can add the most valuable feature of ecommerce i.e. personalization to your marketing. This is done by welcoming the customers when they log in and send them the product recommendations based on their previous shopping history and in a lot of other ways. 

One of the main benefits of email automation in ecommerce is reducing cart abandonment. Cart abandonment emails have a return rate of over 15% making them one the most valuable and effective solution for this problem. 

Ecommerce automation helps in the ordering process by producing receipts for the customer and all the concerning departments of a business. Not only that it notifies the customer about the placement of order delivery time and keep them updated during the delivery time and after the delivery has been made it thanks to the customer and notify the company about the order completion. It helps in the return and refund of products as well without invoking authorities based on the company’s return policy. 

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